Monday, May 25, 2009


Well, remember when C had her incident last week? I called the doctor's office immediately afterwards and made an appointment. Unfortunately the closest opening she had, was for June so of course I took it, but asked her to keep us in mind in case of a cancellation. Low and behold, today the receptionist called me yesterday at 2:3o p.m and said that they had a last minute cancellation and would I like to bring C in for 3:15! 

I was happy to get in so early, but it took us 30 minutes to get ready ( so it goes with two little ones). Before we left, C gave her daddy (who was overly tired after a full day of fixing a huge wiring problem at his brother's house) a hug and said, "What's wrong daddy? What's wrong? Its ok, we won't be long. C be back soon. Don't worry, I love you. Its ok, daddy, I love you more and more" as she pet his head. After reassuring him that everything would be ok, she jumped into the stroller and off we went. 

Must have been a "baby day", because there was a 4 day old little girl, her 1 1/2 year old sister, a 2 month old and then my two little ones in the office. 

We sat down in the waiting room and C started to play with all of the puzzles and toys whilst singing her ABC's. Have I mentioned/bragged how she now knows all of her ABC's and 123's?Who knew that something so simple could be so darn thrilling to a mother? 

We didn't get into see the Dr. until 4:15. WHY oh WHY do they make appointments for a certain time only to have you wait for an entire hour?! I will never understand the ways of doctor's and their late appointments. If you are late for an appointment, its cancelled, however when they are late, tough luck. Unless you are one of the rare ones who has a punctual doctor. If this is the case, bless you and hold onto them for dear life. They are a rare find.

The last appointment I had for A, I had to wait for 1 1/2 hours. The receptionist actually went home and locked the side door! I was the only single soul sitting in the waiting room at 5 p.m. Needless to say, I was far from impressed. 

Anyhow we ended up getting a prescription for 2 epi pens. One to keep in my purse and the other to keep in the house at all times. I'm fairly certain we won't ever have to use the medication, however I feel much better knowing that if something did happen I would be prepared. 

Since C didn't end up going for her 2 year check up,  the doctor did an all in one today. My baby is now 31 pounds and 36 inches tall! She didn't like being measured or weighed at all and hot tears streamed down her face while we placed her on the scale. I don't know why the experience of standing on a scale was so horrifying for her but it was and I felt awful. The doctor was holding A with one hand, trying to put the level on C's head while I was trying to have her stand straight while comforting her. The entire situation was quite humorous actually.   When we were all done she was given a sticker which made up for it all. 


Beck said...

Poor C! When the Baby was so unwell, she'd get weighed, measured and have the circumfrance of her head checked EVERY week, and she was TERRIFIED of the head measuring loop. She'd scream, shake and VOMIT in terror! It was awful.

Long clinic wait times are so much fun with wee ones, eh? I do appreciate the local clinic, though - they're so great about squeezing us in as soon as they can.

Jaden Paige said...

My daughter is terrified of the scale too! I think it's because it's wobbly??

Glad to hear you have the epi-pens now, just in case!