Friday, May 22, 2009

New sayings

C comes up with the cutest things and I write them down periodically so as to remember them for the future. Here are some of her new sayings:

"Mama, Daddy, good job!"

"Oh, thats nice."

"I love you mowa than you will eva eva know."

"Sweet deams, I love you eva know."

"A" don't cry honey, don't cry. Its ok honey, its ok. I love you honey."

"I just don't like it! I just don't!!"

"Whats dat? Oh, thats nice."

"Pease mama can I pease have some juice PEASE?" (As she dramatically flings her head and tosses her hands up in the air).

At meal times when I call my husband to eat, "Raymond, time to eat." she rushes to the stairs and yells, "Amen, Amen come to eeeaaatttt. Time to eeaattt, Amen!!!"

She also has a little Precious moments doll which was given to her by my sister in law. When you squeeze the toy it will recite the Lord's prayer. At the end when it says "Amen" she laughs and says, "Daddy, doll is talking you." She thinks its hilarious.

Apple should make a Time Capsule for real life...


thewindhover said...

hehe, oh these made me laugh so! I can just imagine her scampering through the house calling "Amen, amen"... these are so precious.

Anonymous said...

Whhuahah...Daddy doll is talking to you. That is hilarious!!
Soo cute!!! :-)))

Woman in a Window said...

These times in their discovery in the power of language and marriage to new thoughts are the best. So much fun. Times and things you'll never forget.

Nadia said...

thewindhover, C.T. : Thanks she is quite the comedian.

Erin: Yes, yes and yes!