Saturday, December 27, 2008

Beautiful Christmas

I will have to say this has been the most memorable Christmas in the history of Christmases! We made chocolate chip cookies on Christmas Eve and put them on a plate with some rice milk for Santa Claus. (Daddy informed us that Santa doesn't like Soy milk but he LOVES rice milk). After C's bath which was filled with singing "Jingle bells, Jingle bells" we read Twas the night before Christmas, three times.

I don't think I have ever been more excited. I couldn't wait until the morning came to see her face when she saw the presents. This means so much to me as I never had the Christmas experience growing up. I must say, having my own children and watching them experience the magic of Christmas makes up for it all.

In the morning we had cocoa and buttered toast while opening gifts. Seeing our little girl opening her presents was undescribable. She couldn't understand that all of the packages under the tree were for her to not only OPEN but to keep! She opened the first one which was a little book and looked through the entire thing twice and then talked about it for ages. We had to keep reminding her to open the next gift as she was so enthralled with the one in her hands. It took her 1 1/2 hours to open everything. It was completely magical. I can't even put into words how I felt. Truly, truly magical. The look on her face was priceless!
And next year there will be two. Two little angels opening their gifts on Christmas morning. I want to cry just thinking about it.

Friday, December 19, 2008

We spent a lovely morning at a friend's house today. C is still talking about it. She wanted to take her little friend home with her. So sweet! I love seeing this side of her. The side that enjoys another child's company, the side that I will get to see soon with this new being inside me. My baby is going to be the eldest, the big sister. Wow, still so hard to imagine...

I feel pretty sluggish lately. Don't feel like exercising very much or going for walks. Also a heavy blanket of exhaustion hits me every day without warning in the afternoon. Something which I have no control over. My body is tired and stretching to its maximum.

Lunch consisted of tomato sandwiches as there isn't much to eat in this house of mine. Tonight's menu consists of Ratatouille and green onion flatbread. Yum!

It is so flipping cold out today! Supposed to be even worse tomorrow. This morning the wind was so strong you could hear it howling outside. Makes you feel safe, warm and cozy in your bed though.

Made the cutest booties for the babe yesterday out of fleece. I bought the pattern on Etsy and it turned out beautifully! The pattern sizing only went up to 18 months but my husband bought some graph paper so I can try to enlarge them as I really want to make a matching pair for C. I'll work on that a little later.

Made all my baby wipes yesterday out of old flannel sheets! Doubled them up and used a zig zag stitch around the edges. Now just waiting for the diapers to arrive and I will be a cloth diapering mama!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Taking the plunge..

I've been thinking and rethinking this decision for quite a long time and have finally decided to give it a full out try. When I had my daughter the idea of cloth diapering was great however not suitable given our situation with a home business. Now after researching for quite some time I have come to a different understanding. Cloth diapering is definately not what it used to be. When I saw all the different styles and options out there I was so excited. There are all in ones, one size fits all, easy to use cloth diapers as well as the traditional inserts and plastic covers. The all in ones really appeal to me as they are easy to use and wash. No presoaking required yeah!

So needless to say I placed an order last week and am eagerly (yes I know it sounds ridiculous to "eagerly" await the arrival of DIAPERS) waiting for them to arrive.

Speaking of waiting of things to arrive, where have I been over the last 8 months? On another planet? Why is it that I have JUST recently (last 2 weeks) realized that I need things for the baby which I haven't even thought of until now. I had 8 months to prepare and purchase these items. 8 MONTHS! But no, instead I decide that shopping for baby items in the smack dab middle of the holiday season is a dandy time to do so.


Sunday, December 14, 2008

My heart is full of Christmas cheer

We went to a choir performance at the church tonight in our little town. It was wonderful and oh so relaxing. We all had a great time. My husband and daughter by my side and our unborn child in my womb sitting in the pews of a beautiful church in our little town listening to the traditional Christmas carols sung by a choir. It was beautiful!

C sat through the entire thing with the help of the hymn books (which she went through at least 20 times). All four of them had to be looked at then put back, over and over again. There was absoloutely nothing to look at except for music notes and writing but she thought they were just great.

On the way out we stopped to look at the nativity scene in front of the church and C named off every animal and "Mary, Man (Joseph) and baby Jesus".

Earlier today we were listening to the "birds singing kismas" translation = Chipmunk's christmas cd. She was dancing up a storm with her daddy. Hands in the air, twirling around, jumping around. Ahh my heart...

I made chocolate truffles and cranberry, orange and walnut biscotti this week. Tomorrow I'm planning on making Bryanna Clark Grogan's Panettone from Nonna's Italian Kitchen. As if I need to gain anymore weight with this pregnancy! But now see its Christmas weight so its allowed (I'm trying to use this as a brainwashing tecnique for myself but its not working).

Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Everything looks peachy. Blood pressure is low which is good however I've been prone to some dizzy spells lately. A cookie, piece of fruit or something sugary usually fixes that problem.

They are estimating the babies weight to be between 6-6 1/2 pounds right now! I thought that was pretty big considering I'm 35 weeks although I feel as if there is no room left. When I lie down this little munchkin moves her bum from side to side or stretches her legs out. You can almost feel the toes when she kicks!
We had a ton of errands to run after the appointment and didn't even have time to finish everything. 2 more weeks until we go again.

Everyone is talking about how people aren't spending as much this year however after yesterday I would have to disagree. The shops were jam packed from 10 am - 3pm! We were in Canadian Tire and they had 5 cashiers open with lines reaching down the isles. While waiting in line I saw a tall, rough, older man wearing work clothes and suspenders. He was one of those guys who just don't shop. The type that avoid shopping at all costs, who you don't usually see in a store unless they are being dragged by their wives. This man however was by himself, waiting patiently in a never ending line up to purchase one item. A Tonka truck. Christmas turns even tough guys into softies.

We had a single man rent a room last night from a town not too far away. He was driving a volkswagen with a broken heater and and was on his way to BC. After 2 hours of driving in a snowstorm with CANDLES lit inside the car to keep his windshield clear he decided to head home the next day. Apparently the blanket he used to cover his legs wasn't enough to keep him warm. Umm.... yes I can understand that.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Christmas cards are finished and the tree is up. C runs around the house singing "Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle bells". Why is it that something so simple as a child singing jingle bells can touch you right to the core of your soul like magic? It is the sweetest thing. (She loves "Saka Cause" too and thinks his big black boots are just the cat's meow.)

It is so beautiful outside today and the temperature is just right. The snow is glistening like little diamonds in the sun. Gorgeous!

I have to go through all of my files now before putting the drawers back in my desk (oh joy). Must take advantage of this wonderful time in the afternoon when C is having her beauty rest. Why is it that no matter how large the desk there is never enough space for anything. And why do we insist on shoving papers in drawers when we have FILES to store them in. Laziness I tell you its laziness. Early New Years resolution NO MORE MESSY DESK DRAWERS.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Well I feel much better now; "I can see clearly now the rain has gone". Sheesh I just seem to be breaking into song lately at any given moment ha! Ah well, music is medicine for the soul.

December "the month of Christmas" has officially begun! We were going to put our tree up today but unfortunately there is a file cabinet and hutch that has to be moved into our new room upstairs so I don't have anywhere to put it until Wednesday or Thursday. Lots of other things to do in the meantime.

I bought the two cutest figurines the other day. So many Christmas decorations are tacky or distasteful but I thought these were adorable. I have a real soft spot for the "Victorian Santa Claus". I'm not a big fan of the new florescent red and brightly bleached white one of the current day. The charm and innocence just isn't there like it is with the original. I am biased though as I'm a real sucker for anything Victorian, vintage or otherwise.
C's jumper is finished! It was so easy to make and took me 2 days to finish. If I had really sat down and finished it from beginning to end it would have probably taken me 2-3 hours so it was a quickie/ I was debating on making a size 2 or 3 and then settled on the 3. Its a little large but she'll grow into it within the next couple of months.