Thursday, January 29, 2009


One of the deadliest diseases on our planet. I'll never understand it. People judge whether its relationships, race, gender, sexual orientation, age or even circumstances. Children follow in their parent's or friend's footsteps and yet another generation gets infected. It is such an ugly and unnecessary road to travel, such a heavy load to carry.

Why can't we all live in peace, love and unity? Can you imagine a world without prejudice? Aren't most crimes due to this disease?

My husband and I watched an old Highway to Heaven episode the other night (oh how I love that show). It was about a blind girl who became friends and eventually fell in love with the town"monster".  A young man had a disfigurement which caused everyone to shun him and cast him out. He had no friends, no family other than his mother. His entire life he had spent in seclusion because of the way he looked. She fell in love with him for who he was. Even though she was blind  by medical standards, she was the only one in the town who could truly "see" him for who he was. 

How many people do we or have we labeled? How many potential friendships have we pushed away due to our own personal prejudices?

We have progress! I am very pleased to announce that C has peed 4 times today ON the potty! I'm so happy I could dance. No scratch that I have already danced. 4 times to be exact.

The other piece of good news is I'm back to being her Mama again! No more Mom and Dad, we are officially back on the Mama and Daddy boat. I never thought something like that would make me so happy. Not that there is anything wrong with Mom and Dad but that isn't who we are. I am Mama and he is Daddy :). 

Monday, January 26, 2009

Sisterly Love

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Today was quite productive. Between potty training (yes I have officially taken the plunge and oh what a joy it is), nursing Alaina every couple of hours, cooking, going through packed away baby clothes which had to be washed and laundry I don't know who was busier me or my husband. He finished putting up the closet door, put the mirrors up in the hallways, got the baseboard ready out of the garage and took measurements for the office. So much for Sunday being a day of rest!  

Even though it has taken me ages, I have finally finished Pillars of the Earth. It was quite graphic in parts however all in all it was a pretty good book. Books didn't used to last long in my hands. They were devoured in hours or at the most a couple of days. Now with two children on my hands it takes quite a bit longer. 

I'm trying to decide which one to start next however am leaning towards the Night trilogy by Elie Wiesel. Its been on the top of my reading list for quite some time however I kept putting it off. 

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Out and about

It feels so good to get out again. To stretch my legs and walk briskly outside, filling my lungs with fresh air. 2 weeks is way too long. After the baby the weather turned oh so cold and is now finally warming up. C is happier as well. She toddled alongside me today as we walked into town to run some errands. I carried A in a Cuddly wrap with my  maternity coat wrapped around us. She was toasty warm and slept the entire time. 

There is a man made out of tin which stands outside our local museum and C never fails to point out the fact that #1 "Man is Nekkid"  (which I assure you he is NOT as he is wearing tin clothes but apparently that doesn't count as they are a part of the statue) and #2 he has no coat on and is therefore cold. This is the 3rd time she has pointed this out to me and every time she tells me this she has a look on her face as if to say "Mama what's wrong with you why can't you put a coat on this poor man?"

Sweet child of mine :).

A New Day

Ah! I feel so priveledged to have witnessed such an amazing part of history unfold yesterday. It brought tears to my eyes and a surge of hope to my soul. 

Geo Eye 1 took some satellite pictures of the inauguration yesterday.  It was taken from 423 miles up by a 4,300 pound satellite traveling 17,000 miles per hour.

People all over the world were celebrating yesterday. CNN showed video clips of the people in Britain, France and Kenya this morning cheering and celebrating while watching the inauguration. They believe he will bring change all across the world. I hope and pray they are right.

Friday, January 16, 2009


I love Kissaluvs! They are so squishy, soft and cuddly. My favorite diapers are the Bum Genius 3.0 but for newborns definately Kissaluvs! Cloth diapering has been going super well. Not as much work as I had thought and it definately has its rewards such as less garbage and lighter garbage bags to my husband's delight.  

I never in a million years thought I would ever get excited over diapers, yet here I am thrilled over them. Weird what motherhood can do to you.

We had some yummy whole wheat bread from my trusty bread-maker yesterday. Wow, I forgot how amazingly delicious fresh bread is. Actually all meals have been tasting so much better lately. After going through labour its as if every cell in your body craves nourishment. Mine have been thanking me! We haven't yet succombed to takeout from the local restaurant. I made some freezer friendly meals before having A and they are coming in handy. My dear husband has been helping out with the cooking as well so we've been eating very well. Last night was Tofu and Potato stew in a miso gravy with fresh bread and tonight is pasta with kale and tomato sauce. I'm not sure about lunch but I'm thinking split pea soup from the freezer or some kind of soup as its FREEZING again today.  

Thursday, January 15, 2009

First bath

My gosh its freezing! We are having -40 degree weather here in Northern Ontario which has made us housebound for the last week, although having a new baby can also do that to you. Our food supply is slowly dwindling down so a trip into town will be sorely needed by this weekend. 

The baby had her first bath today! I was expecting lots of screaming as that is what her big sister did during her first bath however this one stayed as calm as a cucumber. Looking around with her big eyes just relaxing. Having another child has been quite amusing actually. I don't know why but somehow I had this idea that our second daughter would be like the first however she is completely different in every way! Her personality, her looks, everything is just different.  I adore my two beautiful girls!

We have been trying to keep C included as much as possible so she doesn't feel left out. She was acting up yesterday and cried alot which broke my heart. I think she is trying to get used to the whole new sister thing . She adores the baby and kisses her every chance she gets but I guess things are different now that she isn't the center of attention. Today has been pretty good so far (touch wood). She slept from 8 pm to 9 am this morning so that might have something to do with it. 

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

She's here!

Our little angel was born on January 9.09 at 10:57 am after 3 1/2 hours of labour. We are all head over heels in love with her! Her big sister is a very enthusiastic kisser! She covers her in kisses every chance she gets and enjoys helping to change her diaper!

Saturday, January 3, 2009


Tomorrow I turn 39 weeks! I was 39 weeks when I went into labour with C. It was a pleasant surprise to have her 1 week early after everyone told me I would be late with my first child. Now I EXPECTED to have this one early and of course no such luck.

I guess you can call this a pity post. My feet are swollen, my legs are swollen, I'm tired (oh so very tired) and I have heartburn every evening before going to bed. I pee on average 6 times every night and my clothes (yes my MATERNITY clothes) don't fit properly anymore. The timer on my oven went off last week but the oven door doesn't seem to be opening!

Something which had me thinking recently was the debate on how labour starts. Some people say your body puts itself into labour once it knows you are ready to give birth where as others say your child picks his/hers own birthday and is born when he/she decides. I wonder which is true?

Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy January 2nd!

My first post for 2009! I can't believe it. Another year has gone by. Sheesh.

Our New Years Eve was wonderful although I couldn't indulge in my usual glass of champagne at midnight. For good reason of course ;). There is something about New Years Eve that is so meaningful to me. To be with the man I love at the very first second of the first day of the New Year. To have our little girl toddling out of her bed at 12:10 and to toss her up in the air wishing her a Happy New Year. To cuddle in bed together, baby kicking away inside me. It was indeed a Happy January 1st.

I do NOT however understand how all those people wait for hours and stand outside in the bitter cold in New York City on December 31st to watch a ball drop. No, I don't understand the fun in that. I prefer my warm home thank you very much.

New Year's resolutions: To be more patient, to become a better mother and wife, to stop worrying over every little thing and finally to live in the moment as it is. I shouldn't really say "and finally" because there are a ton more things I could add to that list.

Wish me luck ;).