Thursday, May 7, 2009

Three Things

I am going to try every week to post three things that make my heart sing and fill me with happiness. What three things make your heart sing?

The Rain

The smell of freshly laundered clothing

European houses covered in Ivy


Justice Jonesie said...

I love your first two. Hey, we have the same name too.

Anonymous said...

What makes my heart sing:

1: Sunday mornings in bed with my husband and two kids talking about silly things,
2: Bookshops and books,
3: A long diner with friends..

Actually I could make a whole list of things that make me happy. And I'm happy to read that rain makes your heart sing,....mine as well!!!

Lee said...

What makes my heart sing:
1. sunshine streaming into my living room on a winter day
2. doing the puzzles in the morning paper
3. having the whole day to do what I like (mind you I haven't had one of these sort of days in years!!).

Great post. Lee :)

Jaden Paige said...

I absolutely love that last photo, and I totally agree... Houses covered in ivy just scream of good times and tea and crumpets :)

Nadia said...

Justice Jonesie: A fellow Nadia! It isn't a very common name :).

C.T. Love your list! I love the sound, the sight and the scent of rain. I also love how it makes everything new again the next day.

Lee: Thank you. I'm planning on doing this every Thursday. There are just too many things to list all at once!

Jaden: Tea, crumpets and flower gardens in the backyard.

thewindhover said...

Oh yes yes to all of those! And what a great weekly challenge... I might try it over on my blog too. Ah, ivy on european houses indeed!