Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy January 2nd!

My first post for 2009! I can't believe it. Another year has gone by. Sheesh.

Our New Years Eve was wonderful although I couldn't indulge in my usual glass of champagne at midnight. For good reason of course ;). There is something about New Years Eve that is so meaningful to me. To be with the man I love at the very first second of the first day of the New Year. To have our little girl toddling out of her bed at 12:10 and to toss her up in the air wishing her a Happy New Year. To cuddle in bed together, baby kicking away inside me. It was indeed a Happy January 1st.

I do NOT however understand how all those people wait for hours and stand outside in the bitter cold in New York City on December 31st to watch a ball drop. No, I don't understand the fun in that. I prefer my warm home thank you very much.

New Year's resolutions: To be more patient, to become a better mother and wife, to stop worrying over every little thing and finally to live in the moment as it is. I shouldn't really say "and finally" because there are a ton more things I could add to that list.

Wish me luck ;).

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ewe are here said...

Happy New Year, from someone else who no longer understands the standing outside in the freezing cold thing.