Thursday, January 29, 2009

We have progress! I am very pleased to announce that C has peed 4 times today ON the potty! I'm so happy I could dance. No scratch that I have already danced. 4 times to be exact.

The other piece of good news is I'm back to being her Mama again! No more Mom and Dad, we are officially back on the Mama and Daddy boat. I never thought something like that would make me so happy. Not that there is anything wrong with Mom and Dad but that isn't who we are. I am Mama and he is Daddy :). 


Roselie said...

Yay I love your blogs. Haha. I just created by own for travelling! I love reading yours. :)

Beck said...

Hooray for C! What a big girl!
And "Mama" is the most heartbreaking best. I'd hoped that my kids would call me that when they were grown-ups, just like Elvis, but noooo. I'm Mo-ooooom all the time now. :(