Thursday, January 15, 2009

First bath

My gosh its freezing! We are having -40 degree weather here in Northern Ontario which has made us housebound for the last week, although having a new baby can also do that to you. Our food supply is slowly dwindling down so a trip into town will be sorely needed by this weekend. 

The baby had her first bath today! I was expecting lots of screaming as that is what her big sister did during her first bath however this one stayed as calm as a cucumber. Looking around with her big eyes just relaxing. Having another child has been quite amusing actually. I don't know why but somehow I had this idea that our second daughter would be like the first however she is completely different in every way! Her personality, her looks, everything is just different.  I adore my two beautiful girls!

We have been trying to keep C included as much as possible so she doesn't feel left out. She was acting up yesterday and cried alot which broke my heart. I think she is trying to get used to the whole new sister thing . She adores the baby and kisses her every chance she gets but I guess things are different now that she isn't the center of attention. Today has been pretty good so far (touch wood). She slept from 8 pm to 9 am this morning so that might have something to do with it. 


Beck said...

Would C like to come over for a little while, maybe next week? My kids all went through really grim transitions with each new baby, but it DOES pass.
It IS a shock when the second baby isn't just like the first! I remember feeling like my firstborn was just the way all of our kids would be, although I don't know WHY.
Give me a call if you need ANYTHING.

ewe are here said...

Poor C. It's so hard to suddenly not be the center of attention...