Saturday, January 3, 2009


Tomorrow I turn 39 weeks! I was 39 weeks when I went into labour with C. It was a pleasant surprise to have her 1 week early after everyone told me I would be late with my first child. Now I EXPECTED to have this one early and of course no such luck.

I guess you can call this a pity post. My feet are swollen, my legs are swollen, I'm tired (oh so very tired) and I have heartburn every evening before going to bed. I pee on average 6 times every night and my clothes (yes my MATERNITY clothes) don't fit properly anymore. The timer on my oven went off last week but the oven door doesn't seem to be opening!

Something which had me thinking recently was the debate on how labour starts. Some people say your body puts itself into labour once it knows you are ready to give birth where as others say your child picks his/hers own birthday and is born when he/she decides. I wonder which is true?


ewe are here said...

I had my first at exactly 39 weeks, and my second 39 weeks plus a few day, so I know EXACTLY how you feel.

And I like the idea of them picking their own birthday... my first picked my 'unbirthday', greatest unbirthday gift I ever got.

Beck said...

I've gone at:
1. 38 weeks
2. 42 weeks. THAT WAS AWFUL.
3. 36 weeks.
So I know how you feel. The last little bit of pregnancy feels like it lasts FOREVER. Of course, it really doesn't, but what sort of comfort is that?