Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Out and about

It feels so good to get out again. To stretch my legs and walk briskly outside, filling my lungs with fresh air. 2 weeks is way too long. After the baby the weather turned oh so cold and is now finally warming up. C is happier as well. She toddled alongside me today as we walked into town to run some errands. I carried A in a Cuddly wrap with my  maternity coat wrapped around us. She was toasty warm and slept the entire time. 

There is a man made out of tin which stands outside our local museum and C never fails to point out the fact that #1 "Man is Nekkid"  (which I assure you he is NOT as he is wearing tin clothes but apparently that doesn't count as they are a part of the statue) and #2 he has no coat on and is therefore cold. This is the 3rd time she has pointed this out to me and every time she tells me this she has a look on her face as if to say "Mama what's wrong with you why can't you put a coat on this poor man?"

Sweet child of mine :).


Beck said...

Well, the metal man just doesn't look HAPPY. I want that artist to make us a giant Pippi for our yard!

It was great running into you guys the other day! Yes, we will make it over - probably next week, because I've been unexpectedly busy all this week. xo

Nadia said...

Ha! Pippi would be a wonderful idea! The sculptures are so darn depressing I find, Pippi would be a nice change.

Sure no problem. Let me know when your free.