Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Sleepless in Ontario

Yesterday was challenging. Excruciatingly challenging. My daughter will not sleep. She just won't. I have tried everything, my husband has tried everything and we are both exhausted. 3 days of no sleep! It is emotionally and physically draining. She will lie in her bed until we close up at midnight waiting for us! Unreal. What happened? It must be a phase. At least I hope it is. Pray it is. We need sleep!

On a completely different note, I MUST make granola today. Throughout this pregnancy I haven't had any cravings except for granola. I could eat it all day. How weird is that?

Speaking of pregnancy I feel so huge! While at Canadian Tire the other day I tried to sneak through the space between the teller and my cart to place my bags in and couldn't fit through. I tried sneaking in through the side, frontwards, backwards but to no avail. It was quite funny actually. I was trapped by the baby belly.

(you may be able to see my toes but I sure can't )

I have also recently developed Mommy-brain. Now I did have this condition with my first but it wasn't this severe. Does it get worse with every child you have? If that is the case God bless Mrs. Duggar.

Just to give an example; we were in Subway and after paying for lunch I asked the lady for "One of those things" pointing behind the counter. She looked at me questioning, "What things". " You know, I said, those things", as I began sketching a rectangle in the air with my fingers. Blessed girl finally came to the conclusion that the crazy woman needed a TRAY to place the subs on. My mind had truly drawn a blank. I couldn't for the life of me remember the word TRAY. Sigh.

Well I'm off. Lunch, mail and then try to put her down for her nap. Not necessarily in that order but I'll try.


crazymumma said...

Sadly it seems that the brain never really returns. Its sort of liberating really.

Cyndi said...

I would love an easy, yummy granola recipe! For some reason I never realized that you could make it until recently!