Saturday, November 1, 2008

Sick day

My baby is sick. The poor thing came down with a fever yesterday afternoon. She usually wakes up after her nap in a fantastic mood, full of energy however yesterday was a different story. I was folding laundry on our bed and she came running into our room crying. I picked her up, noticed that she was warm and lay back on some pillows. Within five minutes she was sleeping again clinging on to my shirt. Poor baby. She's feeling a bit better today but still not 100%. After she woke up I offered her a freezie and she refused! Needless to say mommy fed her herbal tea all afternoon.

I'm glad we decided not to go trick or treating last night as it would have made thing worse. Next year for sure though. Now its on to Christmas...

I've been looking into some prelit Christmas trees however most of the bulbs aren't guaranteed. Meaning if one goes out, tough luck for you as the rest don't work. Not an ideal situation when you have over 1000 lights on a tree. I came across this one today
The World's Best Pre-Lit Noble Fir.

Super Cool and its guaranteed for life.

My husband is finally taking a much needed break today after working so hard all week on these renovations. He put the beam up in the sun room, fixed all the faulty wiring (so far anyways) and put up a big post on the outside of the office. It looks beautiful! They were supposed to put two up but it ended up taking longer than anticipated. Next week is supposed to be nice though so it should be finished by then.

Now I'm off to make a carrot cake with vegan cream cheese icing. It feels like a carrot cake day today. I love autumn. Everyday calls out for walks in the leaves, hot apple cider, spicy carrot cake, fresh bread and anything else that fills the house with comforting aromas. Yes I love fall.

Leaving you now with a picture of my darling helping with the dishes.

Happy November 1st!


Woman in a Window said...

And I want to reach down there and hike up those little jeans as though she were mine. My daughter wore those same jeans 'til she stretched right outta them.

Yesterday was a day for fevers, I guess, fevers and carrot cake!

Beck said...

That wee little curly head at the counter! What a good girly.
I'm sorry your munchkin is sick - there's something going around. I hope she feels better soon.

Nadia said...

They keep sagging and she will NOT wear a belt!

Thanks me too. Her fever is gone now however a stuffy nose took its place.

I just realized I took your last blog title on Kitchen party without realizing it!

thedomesticfringe said...

Hope your baby is feeling better! I'm going to have to check out that tree...I need one too.