Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Things are crazy around here! We primed and painted the one room over the weekend. They are now screwing down the sheet rock for the ceramic flooring so we should be ready to put that section of the flooring in by Friday. It shouldn't take more than a day or two to install the floor and then we can move the desk into its final resting place :).

I've given up on dusting. Last week the entire house was sparkling for a total of 12 hours until they started sanding the walls. I'm just going to leave it for now as there is no point in cleaning something that is going to be messy again in 5 minutes. 

Speaking of messes. We watched a movie over the weekend called "Yours, mine and ours" with Dennis Quaid and Renee Russo. It was a real cute family movie, however it seems to have scarred my daughter. There was a scene where the kids were cleaning up the house and ended up getting into an argument which escalated into trashing the house. C was so upset. She kept saying "Mess, mess look at mess, movie" with tears in her eyes. She has brought it up twice a day since then shaking her head and using her hands and facial expressions to try to explain to me the utter madness of the situation.  It REALLY upset her. So no more movies with "messes". 

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