Thursday, November 20, 2008

Crafty urges

I am so very envious of all those wonderful crafters on Etsy. Their talent is enough to take your breath away. Looking at all the wonderful homemade things has been inspiring though and given me the push I need to take a deep breath, clean off my sewing table and start sewing some goodies for Christmas.

Sewing is therapeutic for me actually. It is very soothing and relaxing once you get started. Trying to keep C preoccupied is the hard part which is why I usually save it for the evenings.

C needs another dress and I didn't see anything in a reasonable price range in the stores (is it just me or do they put EVERYTHING up for the holidays?) I'll have to pick up a pattern next week for a jumper. There were a couple of Simplicity ones that were pretty cute and included patterns for pants and a couple of different tops. I already have some beautiful fine wale corduroy in a retro blue design which was picked up earlier on this year.

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Beck said...

My oldest girl needs a Christmas dress and the pickings are SLIM when you are her age. Very slim.

Did I stand you up today? I'm sorry if I did! Everyone here is SICK.