Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Driving conditions were pretty poor today traveling to the city. Snowy, slippery and wet. Bleck! It was a pretty drive though. Everything from the rocks to the trees were covered in a thick dusting of snow. It looks like powdered sugar has been sifted on everything. It was breathtaking actually. Looked like something out of an illustration.

The baby is head down! YEAH super relief. Last midwife appointment she was still breech but the little darling turned. Boy am I glad about THAT. C loves these appointments. She sits next to me while I get my blood pressure checked. She lies next to me on the examining bed with this sweet little smile on her face while the midwife checks the babies position and heart beat. Then she talks about how she is going to be a "big tista". My baby is going to be a big sister. Wow....

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The Little Mama said...

Congrats on a head down baby! I understand how stressful it can worrying about position.

Thank you so, for the kind comment on my blog!