Saturday, August 1, 2009


His perfectionism drives other people nuts, however I understand it perfectly.

His ideas are brilliant. My additions compliment them oh so nicely.

Some of the things I come up with surprise him and he laughs. He laughs because we are so much alike.

He will begin a sentence which I will finish. A conversation can be interrupted and continued hours later at the exact point we left off.

I know every last detail of his past and he knows mine.

My hopes, my dreams, my deepest thoughts, he knows them all as I know his.

My goals mirror his own.

His ideals mirror mine.

I wouldn't say we were made from the same mold however I will say we were sewn from the same cloth.

Our differences add a zest to the everyday.

How did I get so lucky?


Beck said...

Such a beautiful post....

Shell (aka Songsmith) said...

That is a rare and beautiful paradise you both live in. I am lucky enough to have a husband like that too. Bless you both!