Sunday, August 23, 2009


In our business we have met incredibly kind, intelligent, interesting, strange, odd, weird and down right shocking characters. Today for example, a man came in and asked for a room. I gave him the price and he handed me his credit card. He said that he didn't want to fill in the registration card until he made sure his credit card went through. While we were waiting to receive authorization, he proceeded to tell me that he was from the next town over which is about a 15 minute drive. His card was declined and he walked out the door without another word.

Another man came in this evening and started up a conversation as he was filling out the registration. Out of the blue he said,"The USA has turned into a communist country thanks to that new Muslim Communist we have as President." I had no words. Dumbfounded would be more or less the correct way to describe how I felt at that moment. He said a few other things I won't dare to repeat. As soon as my husband walked in (to save me, dear man that he is) with A, the man's train of thought was redirected to our baby and so he started talking about how cute she was. Then he began to tell me about his new dance partner with whom he dances the Venetian Waltz with. When C, shouted out to A in the hallway, he said that she was sure to become an Opera singer. 

After this he asked where my husband came from originally. I told him that his family originated in France and there are some Eastern influences far back. His answer, "That is wonderful. And where are you from?" I took a deep breath, knowing exactly where this was bound to lead and said, "Well my mother's family is from Britain and my father's side is from Italy." 

"Oh." He said. "That is quite the mix. At least the British side helps balance things out, being Italian and all. It must make for quite an interesting marriage between you and your husband." (Funny how people are isn't it. And the killer is Italy and France are neighboring countries BOTH of which are in Europe). Its like someone in Alberta being prejudice of the people in British Columbia, both of which are in Canada. How odd.

Then he went on about how I had a Russian name and how unusual it was for someone from my "race" to have a Russian name. I said, "Is it though? Nadia Commenici made the name quite popular back in the late 70's and she was Italian." 

"Good Point." He said. And then when he left he asked me to pray for him. Hmm....

There is a couple who's been coming year after year since we came here 5 years ago. They met us before I was pregnant with C, while I was pregnant, the day after we brought her home and then after we had A. They are incredible people with the biggest hearts. She told me today that they wouldn't consider staying anywhere else as we are one of the kindest couples they have come across in their travels. Such sweet people!

People biking across Ontario for charity, raising funds or just to see the country is common. The most incredible has to be a man who was 74 and had biked from Alaska! He was indeed 74 as I saw ID when he checked in. Remarkable!

My favorite is a lady who comes every year for a certain event here in town. She says that she is a psychic and can read palms. Very nice lady and her daughter is aces. Anyhow, she predicted that C would be a boy and that A would be a boy. The year after C was born, she came back and said to me, "See, I told you it would be a girl!"

As my husband would say, "Fun, wow!"

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thewindhover said...

I enjoyed reading this recount of your conversation so much, the same kind of racial prejudices ferment here too. And its a sad thing, whenever I mentioned I'm studying Arabic it can open a whole can of worms! And really, the roots of communism - socialism - are quite honourable and dare I say, even Christian - the desire for all people to live well and have their needs met equally! Still! Keep being you, with all your wonderful history and beautiful name...