Sunday, August 9, 2009

Quotable Sunday



“Courageous risks are life-giving, they help you grow, make you brave, and better than you think you are.” ~ Author Unknown


Kyrie said...

A perfect marriage of quote and photos! I love that one on top.

xo, K

Linnea said...

I like how the look on her face changes between the two photographs.

slugsontherefrigerator said...

that top photo is just gorgeous!

thewindhover said...

so true! And what fun that slippery dip looks like!

Jaden Paige said...

Yes I absolutely love that top photo! Great shot!

Woman in a Window said...

Nadia, it's ok. It was ok when I thought that perhaps it was me. I am going through something. My family is. It's nothing for me to be proud of. It's nothing for me to hide from either. It's ok. But thanks for coming back. You can detonate this one, if you would, please. No hard feelings.
my best,