Wednesday, August 12, 2009


My eyes are so very heavy at the moment and my head is banging away. It feels as though there is a brick on each of my eyelids. I'm exhausted.

Not enough sleep and babies waking up at 7 am, 4 nights in a row which isn't so great when you have to stay up until 1 am. So. Very. Tired.

We had to rush off to the city again today to finish off the errands which were left from last week. Too much to do in so little time when you have a business or just a family in general! Always rushing to and from. Its nice to split things up in two separate trips.

So we finished up our list of things to do, one of which included getting A's ears pierced! Ray waited in the truck with C because he couldn't handle seeing C cry the first time we had it done.

We took C when she was 3 months old, it was Boxing day 2006. We went to the Barrie mall with my sisters which for the record is NOT a good thing to do on a boxing day as it was packed! Ray decided right from the beginning that he would wait outside because he wasn't able to watch.
The lady marked her ears and after they pierced the first one, C gave off the shrillest scream, bawling her little eyes out. I had to hold her still for the second one, all the while feeling as if I was the worst mother in the world. I started crying and Ray was outside the store, tears streaming down his face. I felt as though my heart broke into a million pieces.

Needless to say this time around Daddy waited in the truck until it was over :). "A" cried and screamed at the top of her lungs for about 1 minute after the piercing, but was giggling again soon after. I think it was better this time as they pierced both ears at once.

Our little girl now has pretty little golden studs in her ears.


Adventures In Babywearing said...

Oh, what an amazing reflection in her eyes, too!


Shell (aka Songsmith) said...

What a Motherly, beautiful post!

the Provident Woman said...

I love the picture and the drool

Nadia said...

Steph: If you look closely you can see me in her eyes.

Shell: Thank you!

the Provident Woman: I too love the drool ;).