Friday, June 26, 2009

Summer days

I haven't been in the mood for writing lately as there is just too many things going on. The motel has picked up considerably, as is expected for this time of year.

The heat has been atrocious over the last few days. A thick, muggy heat which seems to envelop you within itself. Not nice.

Today was different. There was the most delightful breeze which blew ever so gently throughout the day. It was the gentlest of winds which seemed to pick up the very essence of summer with every gust. Creamy Peonies, wild roses, strawberry blossoms and clean cut grass mixed with the scent of fresh water flowing through the rapids. It was gorgeous.

The water is the perfect temperature for swimming but unfortunately C developed a fear of rivers, beaches and pools ever since I showed her some tadpoles and a couple of small fish the other day. I thought she would be intrigued but instead she was horrified. I think I have scarred the poor child for life. I'm hoping she gets over it soon as I am dying to go for a swim. Dipping my toes in for a quick second has been the closest thing to it as we have to leave because of the "Fishies, tadpoles, leaves, rocks and floating wood pieces". Lord help me.

When we got home she said to her daddy, "Next time, you come too and bring your bathing suit and coming swimming with C. Because C scared of fishies and because Daddy will save C and because umm.... because I just need you to come with me and mama and A. And because I just, I just love you daddy!"

Oh yes and have I mentioned her new favorite word is "because"?

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Woman in a Window said...

Because can grant a whole lot of sentence!

The wind was wonderful and now the rain. I hope it cools enough to wear jeans.

Maybe a bucket and a cup to scoop tadpoles for inspection. That's what mine were up to yesterday. Might cure her.