Sunday, June 28, 2009

I am not just a mother

"I'm just a stay at home mom. Nothing special."

So many women have said that to me and just yesterday the topic was brought up on Momversations. I too cringe when a woman announces "I am just a stay at home mom". Its not the title that irks me its the "just".

Motherhood is the most incredibly rewarding, challenging, beautiful and utterly unglamorous job in the world :). Women don't give themselves enough credit. The future of our children is in our hands. The language they speak, the words they learn, their interests, ways in which they interact with others, emotions good and bad are all affected, and in some way originate from our own. The love my husband and I show each other, the way we treat each other will have an affect on future relationships. Its a humbling thought.

Although I do work from home with my husband, I don't hold the title of "Mother" as the essence of my identity. I am a woman, a mother, a wife, a friend. I have many different passions, hobbies and interests which I have not lost since becoming a mother. My husband and children are my world, and are more important than any of these things; they always will be. But at the same time I firmly believe the entire family benefits when a mother is true to herself. I want to be known for who I am and not by an occupation or label. 

I am not "just" and women should never be "just".

I want my daughters to grow up into extremely efficient adults. I want them to learn skills and be passionate about life. I want them to reach for the stars and grab them. I want them to have healthy relationships with others.

I know that we as parents can only pray they turn out the way we hope, but how can we ask this of our children if we as mothers don't set an example? 


Melissa said...

Beautifully written! I can relate. Thank you for sharing.

Woman in a Window said...

I take exception with the word just as well. Someone I work with always refers to herself as just the... It drives me bonkers. No matter our station, we are.

Well put.