Friday, June 12, 2009

C needs naps like water. It is truly amazing how a 2 hour nap can transform her from a not so nice little girl to a complete angel. Her naps are usually 1-1/2 hours, however today it was extended to 2 1/2 hours. What a difference!

A has been teething which means constant nursing and lots of cuddles. When I'm not nursing her, I'm wearing her in the mei tai or sling. If someone is drinking a cup of water, A's mouth will open wide and she will reach out to grab the cup. She adores water. I'm sure it has something to do with the cool, wetness on her gums.

Tomorrow will be a busy day. I have to bake some muffins and cookies in the morning so that we have snacks for the drive on Sunday. 3 loads of laundry have to be washed, the house needs to be tidied up, maps printed and pay cheques written. We all need a getaway so very badly! Its too busy to leave for more than a couple of days so it will be short and sweet. Barrie, Brampton, Cambridge and Kitchener all packed into a 2 day outing. But thats how we roll. Always packing as much as we can into a short span! :)

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Woman in a Window said...

That's a whole lot in a short time and with two little ones. Hope it's a good time.