Thursday, June 4, 2009

Little one

Your smile brings light into my soul and fills me with the most incredible amount of happiness.

When you laugh with your sister my heart breaks into a million pieces, every, single, time.

The way you gently touch your daddy's face while he looks at you in the morning makes me melt.

Your big eyes wandering from one object to the next, looking, watching, waiting.

Your "singing" everyday fills me with joy.

The way you sleep with your cheek lying against my chest, mouth formed into a perfect "O". The way your little hands hold my breast as I nurse you; looking up at me with those beautiful big eyes framed with the longest lashes I ever saw.

My beautiful baby girl, you have submersed our lives with an incredible amount of happiness. Your life is a blessing and I am honored to call myself your mother.

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Woman in a Window said...

Those times, those moments with those locked eyes, hold 'em tight. They're fleeting. They become exasperated puffs on bangs, but they still maintain their sweetness anyway.