Thursday, June 11, 2009


I remember as a child biking through trails that were full of these gorgeous bushes. Lilacs in white, cream, purple, light purple and a dark pink, almost magenta. The scent that filled the air was intoxicatingly sweet and floral. I used to make little bracelets and necklaces by threading the individual blossoms. They were fairylike, so very delicate and fragile. Every year, I await the bloom of these gorgeous flowers.


Banteringblonde said...

I love the smell... so strong. I only wish they bloom lasted longer!

thewindhover said...

Beautifully captured Nadia. I have always, always wanted to see and smell lilacs in the flesh. Maybe if I stumble across your neck of the woods next Spring I may be so lucky!

CasualFridayEveryDay said...

Oh so beautiful. So lovely to look at and smell!


Woman in a Window said...

Aren't they wonderful right now? Ugh. I'm so happy but I'll be sad in about three days when they're passing. We're lucky at our place. We've got at least 60 year old bushes in front. (You know where I'm at?) And then they run the course of our back side yard. There's no escaping the scent and I'm so grateful.

Nadia said...

Banteringblonde: I know its such a tease!

Emily: Thank you! It would be lovely if you came to Canada! Are you planning on visiting this country next year?

Thanks Nell!

Erin: They are fantastic although their lifespan is way too short. Your lucky to have those bushes in front. I have seen your house from a distance but never up close.