Friday, February 27, 2009

I joined the world of blogging in 2007. I was still a journal girl so that blog didn't last too long. I wasn't too keen on typing out my emotions, feelings or day to day happenings on a computer screen. A paper and pen always felt just right. I don't know what it is but the flow of ink on paper has always been soothing to me. It became a way of life really. An outlet to release my frustrations, happiness, excitement. My getaway.

I have my best friend at the time to thank for opening the world of writing to me. She gave me a journal for my eighth birthday. It was a fabric bound journal; cream background with a pink and green floral print which had the most lovely scent. I thought it was the most beautiful thing I ever saw.

There was a shop in the little town where I used to live which sold different kinds of trinkets, cards and gifts. A little shop with the most friendly staff who didn't stalk you while you wandered through the two isles. I even remember the scent in the air every time I walked in. The only way to really describe it is that of a floral shop. A sweet, floral, greenery smell. Hard to put your finger on exactly what it is however florist shop sums it up pretty well. It was my favorite place to go when we went to town. Every little trinket, piece of jewelery or decorative piece had a bit of magic to it. The journal meant even more to me, coming from that small town store.

Anyway I regress. That night after my little birthday party I sat in my bed, covers pulled up over my knees, brand new pen in hand and penned my first entry. I wrote all about my birthday, the gifts I received and how thankful I was. From that day on, every evening I wrote. I still have that journal and all the others that followed.

Journaling is still a part of my life however much of it has been taken over by blogging. Its much faster to type rather than write. I was at odds as to whether keep it private or open to the world. But there is something oddly interesting in writing into space. Letting my thoughts run free and having others read them. People from different spots around the world have stopped by, some leaving a kind comment before departing. Hello to you all and welcome to my humble little spot.


Fiona said...

I agree... I type much much faster than I write! I enjoy reading your blog!

Nadia said...