Saturday, February 14, 2009

Family Love Day

When it was just R and I, we would usually have a romantic meal, bottle of champagne and maybe a movie on Vday. Things have changed now that we have children. Valentines Day has now become the official "Family Love Day" in our home. Not to say that the romance has been eliminated :-).

C made the two sweetest Valentines cards for her daddy yesterday. We cut an apple in half and dipped it in some paint. She stamped the apple across the paper heart and then decorated it with glue and different do-dads. She was horrified when her hands got dirty with paint so we had to clean them off after every "stamp". When it came to gluing the decorations on the paper, she insisted that, "Mommy do it!" because she didn't want to get the horrid stuff all over her fingers. "C don't like it, C don't like it glue!'

Besides the bit of drama we had a splendid time! She had a smile from ear to ear when we were finished, so proud of her work she was.

I however, received my Valentine's gift from her today while shopping at the supermarket. As we were strolling down the busy isles, looking at different pastas, C said to me, quite loudly and completely out of the blue, "Mama I LOVE YOU!!" to which I replied, "I love you too C". Now she has a habit of extending her I love you's. They usually last 2-3 minutes and consist of who loves who more. Of course today was no exception. In a very loud fashion with people in front, beside and behind us she exclaimed, "I LOVE YOU MORE AND MORE AND MORE!" So there you have it! Her love for me was broadcasted through the entire grocery store and I would have to say it was the best Valentine's gift she could have ever given me. Priceless!

And for now for another precious, priceless gift....


ewe are here said...

Those I Love Yous are the best... nothing sweeter.

Beck said...

Aaaawww, little bebe fingers!
I owe you an email - the last few days have been nuts here. Sorry!

We went to McDonalds on Valentine's Day. Yes, it was romantic.

Nadia said...

ewe are here: I agree. They touch your soul :-).

Beck: Thats ok. Talk soon :).