Thursday, February 26, 2009

C has been overly enthusiastic with her meals lately. When I served her lunch and supper she took one look at her plate and said , "Mmm yummy lunch/supper mama, I like it!"

Lunch consisted of veggies burgers, steamed snow peas, green peas, baby carrots and baby corn. Dinner was homemade whole wheat bread, Living Caesar Salad (my husband's favorite) , and mashed potatoes with gravy. Jam Print cookies were for dessert

The weather man is calling for 20-30 cm of snow tonight Joy, oh joy. Another morning of endless shoveling for my husband. Good thing we bought the Arctic Cat last year! At least it helps some.

I remember when we used to clear all the snow together before we had children. It was exhilarating; lifting shovelfuls as fast as we possibly could. 200 ft of sidewalk, everyday sometimes 2-3 times. I remember one particular winter's night. The sky was lit up only with the stars and the air was still. No wind, just that clean cold air on our cheeks. We cleared the entire parking lot that evening. No small feat I assure you. We would have normally called the plow in but that night we were on a roll. Its an addiction we both share. It isn't the shoveling that is addicting its the adrenaline rush when its "go, go, go." I just love that! The harder the work the better.

Last year we took C outside and she helped in her own little 1 1/2 year old way. Next year A will be 1 year old so we'll all be able to go out. This year I'm housebound. Housebound with my little dimple-cheeked, smiling, cooing 6 week old and my curious, energetic chatterbox of a 2 year old. Its a different kind of work. Adrenaline rushes have been replaced with a mix of incredible love and adoration and incredible frustration. C's favorite word right now is the dreaded "NO". Reverse psychology works wonders though. I highly recommend it!

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Beck said...

Mmmm, mashed potatoes.
It snowed so much that I CAN'T SEE OUR SWINGSET ANYMORE! Craziness!