Monday, March 2, 2009

Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or do not believe to be beautiful

Love this quote!

“Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or do not believe to be beautiful.” William Morris (1834-1896)

This is something that I must take more seriously this week. I've been trying to become more organized lately which means getting rid of much of our excess stuff. Its truly amazing how things just accumulate over time. Ebay is a wonderful tool and incentive for de-cluttering ;)!

Now toys can't really be called beautiful but they are useful. Well sometimes. Useful when they keep your child busy and occupied. I still haven't come across a proper solution for toys. It doesn't matter how, where or when you put them away, they always turn up in the most ridiculous spots. C's doll for example has to come with us on shopping trips, walks, naps, bedtime and sometimes trips to the potty. She has two dollies so they are always turning up in crazy places. Its not like I can put them away because they are a much needed accessory in my daughter's daily routine.

Blocks. Those are fun. You build a wonderful house and then it gets torn down. The minute you put the blocks away, out they come again because putting them away reminds C that we must build yet again.

Books. These never stay on the bookshelf. NEVER. Reading is something that is as natural and frequent as breathing so of course why would they stay on the bookshelf?

Plastic tea set. Never used as a tea set, of course! Instead all of the alphabet pieces get thrown in the plastic pot and stirred because they are not in fact alphabet pieces they are "pasta" and sometimes "cookies" and other times "cookies" according to C. Puzzle pieces are also excellent foods in case you were wondering. As are blocks

Play purse. Well these are used to tote the plastic tea set, alphabet pieces, blocks and books around in! It is NOT used as a cute dress up purse.

So you see I am truly confused as to where and how toys get put away. If anyone has any suggestions I would be ever so grateful!

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Beck said...

I actually think that many toys are GORGEOUS - which is probably a good thing, give the state of my house, eh? My husband is REALLY into art toys, and I should show you some of the odd things we have sometime!
Toy storage... hmm. Have you checked out Apartment Therapy's kid site? They have some good ideas.