Friday, February 6, 2009

The temperature dropped from the -30s to -5 and it was beautifully sunny! Nice and warm. (Ha, I think Canadians are the only ones who consider -5 to be warm in the winter months).

This has to be the most popular week for traveling to warmer areas of the world. A friend of mine left for Australia a couple of days ago. She is moving there with her husband for 6 months. Two other friends are in Cuba, another friend is in Spain, one will be leaving for Bahamas next week and another has left for Hawaii. Sunshine, beautiful weather and beaches now doesn't that sound lovely compared to our winter weather here in Canada!

I've been wearing A under my maternity coat in a sling or wrap whenever we go out and now C has decided that she too wants to wear her baby. I found a neat pattern online for a pouch which I will get around to making hopefully before the end of the week. In the meantime I have just been tying the fabric around her coat before popping her baby doll inside. She is completely thrilled with this and insists upon wearing him all day. She "nurses" him in the sling as well. Our little baby makes the cutest little mommy :).

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