Thursday, February 19, 2009

One of those days

Well today was fun. My head is in shock from all the silence after the endless chatter of my little girl. Wow can she ever talk. It was literally non stop, LITERALLY.

Poor A didn't get any sleep until I wore her in my sling because her sister was so loud. Where oh where does she find the energy? Doesn't she give herself a headache? Its amazing how toddlers never get headaches. I find that truly remarkable.

"C do it. C do dishes. C cook. C potty now. C bring doll and books and toys upstairs. C potty now. C bring doll and books and toys downstairs. C potty now. C dance music. Daddy? Wheres daddy? Why working? Why making mess? Whats this for mama? Why? Whats this? Why? Whats this for? Why? Whats baby doing? Why? C potty now. Mama dance too? Baby dance too? Daddy? Wheres daddy?"

And on and on and on it went. From 8 am until blessed 7:30 pm. To make it worse we were housebound today as the temperature was in the -30's with the windchill. Next year we are DEFINITELY going somewhere warm and sunny. Canadian winters are much too long!

There must be a law of nature somewhere that states, "If your floor needs to be washed, your child will mind her P's and Q's, holding her cup with both hands, being careful not to spill a drop. If however you have just swept and mopped all of your floors your child MUST drop her cup of juice which will then spread across the entire floor (please note if this cup is full of water it won't spread as far or spill as much only juice has the ability to do so)."

After supper her daddy and I looked at each other, the clock and then C. Bedtime couldn't come fast enough. And now she is sleeping in her bed with her curls framing her face looking like a cherub. Her baby doll all wrapped up in a blanket tucked under her arm with a look of pure peace.


Beck said...

Some days are like that, aren't they? I'm cracking up, imagining C. talking THAT much! Hee.

Nadia said...

Yes they sure are.

Oh boy does she ever!

Woman in a Window said...

There is a law like that! There is. The law of opposite cup dynamics. It causes much growling here.

Fiona said...

ha! a clean floor never stays clean long - universal law!

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