Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Taking the plunge..

I've been thinking and rethinking this decision for quite a long time and have finally decided to give it a full out try. When I had my daughter the idea of cloth diapering was great however not suitable given our situation with a home business. Now after researching for quite some time I have come to a different understanding. Cloth diapering is definately not what it used to be. When I saw all the different styles and options out there I was so excited. There are all in ones, one size fits all, easy to use cloth diapers as well as the traditional inserts and plastic covers. The all in ones really appeal to me as they are easy to use and wash. No presoaking required yeah!

So needless to say I placed an order last week and am eagerly (yes I know it sounds ridiculous to "eagerly" await the arrival of DIAPERS) waiting for them to arrive.

Speaking of waiting of things to arrive, where have I been over the last 8 months? On another planet? Why is it that I have JUST recently (last 2 weeks) realized that I need things for the baby which I haven't even thought of until now. I had 8 months to prepare and purchase these items. 8 MONTHS! But no, instead I decide that shopping for baby items in the smack dab middle of the holiday season is a dandy time to do so.


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