Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Everything looks peachy. Blood pressure is low which is good however I've been prone to some dizzy spells lately. A cookie, piece of fruit or something sugary usually fixes that problem.

They are estimating the babies weight to be between 6-6 1/2 pounds right now! I thought that was pretty big considering I'm 35 weeks although I feel as if there is no room left. When I lie down this little munchkin moves her bum from side to side or stretches her legs out. You can almost feel the toes when she kicks!
We had a ton of errands to run after the appointment and didn't even have time to finish everything. 2 more weeks until we go again.

Everyone is talking about how people aren't spending as much this year however after yesterday I would have to disagree. The shops were jam packed from 10 am - 3pm! We were in Canadian Tire and they had 5 cashiers open with lines reaching down the isles. While waiting in line I saw a tall, rough, older man wearing work clothes and suspenders. He was one of those guys who just don't shop. The type that avoid shopping at all costs, who you don't usually see in a store unless they are being dragged by their wives. This man however was by himself, waiting patiently in a never ending line up to purchase one item. A Tonka truck. Christmas turns even tough guys into softies.

We had a single man rent a room last night from a town not too far away. He was driving a volkswagen with a broken heater and and was on his way to BC. After 2 hours of driving in a snowstorm with CANDLES lit inside the car to keep his windshield clear he decided to head home the next day. Apparently the blanket he used to cover his legs wasn't enough to keep him warm. Umm.... yes I can understand that.

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Beck said...

Yikes! That poor guy!
That's a nice size for a baby. I hope things continue to be uneventful!
Aw. The rough guy at the checkout - that's beautiful.