Sunday, December 14, 2008

My heart is full of Christmas cheer

We went to a choir performance at the church tonight in our little town. It was wonderful and oh so relaxing. We all had a great time. My husband and daughter by my side and our unborn child in my womb sitting in the pews of a beautiful church in our little town listening to the traditional Christmas carols sung by a choir. It was beautiful!

C sat through the entire thing with the help of the hymn books (which she went through at least 20 times). All four of them had to be looked at then put back, over and over again. There was absoloutely nothing to look at except for music notes and writing but she thought they were just great.

On the way out we stopped to look at the nativity scene in front of the church and C named off every animal and "Mary, Man (Joseph) and baby Jesus".

Earlier today we were listening to the "birds singing kismas" translation = Chipmunk's christmas cd. She was dancing up a storm with her daddy. Hands in the air, twirling around, jumping around. Ahh my heart...

I made chocolate truffles and cranberry, orange and walnut biscotti this week. Tomorrow I'm planning on making Bryanna Clark Grogan's Panettone from Nonna's Italian Kitchen. As if I need to gain anymore weight with this pregnancy! But now see its Christmas weight so its allowed (I'm trying to use this as a brainwashing tecnique for myself but its not working).

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Beck said...

You're so teeny! You need to have TWO pieces.

Yeah, I'm kind of sick that I missed it - it IS one of my favorite things of the CHristmas season, but I was sick at home. Bah!