Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The little chili pepper

What. A. Day.

Last week was heaven and this week is proving to be quite challenging to say the least. My brain is actually hurting. My ears are ringing and my eyes are refusing to stay open.

I do not believe that girls are easier than boys! Whoever said that didn't have a C. She is a loving, curly haired, opinionated, free spirited, talkative (EXTREMELY talkative), strong willed, chili pepper. She isn't your typical little girl. In public you would never guess as she is shy and subdued, however at home its a whole different story.

Its as if she has to speak every thought and every idea that pops into her little head. What gets her frustrated is that we won't allow her to do certain things which are too advanced or dangerous for her. For example cooking, chopping food, doing dishes, mopping floors, writing emails and answering phones. I don't think I'm being to unreasonable? This doesn't only get her upset it infuriates her. The problem is, I don't think she realizes that she is two and a half.

Her latest is:

"Mama, C don't like it!" For those of you who are interested in what this little girl didn't like today. Underwear, pants, tops, socks, dresses, hair brushes (Oh boy does she ever hate having her hair brushed!) elastics, breakfast, lunch, dinner, television, movies, baths, Anna (her doll), computers, telephones, books, juice, water, potty, naps (Oh Lordy does she ever detest naps)! And the list goes on. Today was officially an I DON'T LIKE IT day!

And now I will sign out, make myself a tea, take a deep breath and relax.

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ConverseMomma said...

If you little C married my Jack, they would rule the world with their demands. This e-mail could have easily be me writing. J is a force. He tells me, I do it myself. And, watch out if you try and stop him. I worry sometimes about how he will function in the world. But, then I remember that he has a stubborn bull of a mother and I have made my way okay.