Friday, October 16, 2009

Nightime Routine

Oeii! C is a tough cookie to get to sleep!

After her pajamas she needs her teddy bear.
Then she wants her big teddy bear "Sami".
Then she needs a hug.
Then she needs daddy to give her a hug.
"Now A, I need A!!!!" So her sister gives her a hug.

Me: "Goodnight C, love you."
Ray: "Goodnight honey, I love you."
C: "Good night mommy, I love you! I love you mommy! Mommy?! MOMMY!!!!!!
Me: "Yes, I love you too now go to sleep."
C: "Goodnight daddy, I love you! I love you daddy! Daddy?! Daddy!!!???? DADDY!!!!!!!
Ray: "C, I love you too now please go to sleep. Goodnight!"


C: "My nose is runnin, its runnin!!!! I need Keynex! Pease, I need Keynex WITE NOW!"


C: "I'm thirsty. I need water, I need water WITE NOW!!!!"


She begins to sing and then slowly she falls asleep. Ever so very, very, slowly.

And now I will relax, drink a blessed Guiness and bask in the sweet, sweet silence with my husband who is already on his second Molson Canadian :).

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