Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Cherubs & Cookies

"A" took two steps in a row today. Our little 8-month-old has been standing up for weeks now and can even lift herself up to standing without holding on to anything, however today she actually walked. She isn't too steady on her feet yet and resembles a new colt on her set of legs but my goodness it seems a bit early for walking yet!

My husband was walking by 9 months and I was a little later... 10 1/2 months I believe, so we'll see what happens ;).

We were finally successful in cutting C's hair a couple of days ago. I'll have to post a pic soon as it is just too cute. Her hair was starting to get out of control and we have been trying for months to get her to agree on a hair cut with no success. Finally she agreed and allowed Daddy to do the honors. He did a fabulous job and I'm happy to report no tears were shed during the entire process. Our little girl "resembles" a cherub now with her short curly locks. Note the hyphenated "resembles" ;) (just kidding).

The days are getting colder now making hot meals, tea and warm cookies so much more comforting than usual. We made a batch of chocolate chip cookies which seemed to disappear into thin air. This afternoon I was hoping for a sweet treat to enjoy with my tea and was greeted to 3 lonely crumbs after opening the container.

Tomorrows to do list: Off to the city for the morning, home again to answer emails and file papers and then cookie making with my sweet cherubs :).

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