Saturday, October 10, 2009


I caught this shot in the evening. There are quite a few gorgeous ones. I think I took a total of 300 photos on our trip!

So very peaceful....
Our hotel

The elevator doors :)

Hotel "Security". At least that is who everyone thought he was while we were on the island :). Can't seem to get away from that title, no matter where we go.

Daddy and his daughter stroll down the hill and mama takes a crooked shot....

Love this! Superman bicycle :).

Love the name ;)! The sign? Not so much.


Tour Carriages. There were line ups waiting to get on these! Luckily we had our tour in the morning so we didn't have to wait.


C.T. said...

Beautiful! I understand why ou took that many pictures ;-)

Woman in a Window said...

That moon!!! Oh, that mooon. (I was wondering which Island and then scrolled down. Was wondering where that hotel was hiding on The Island.)

Nadia said...

C.T It was beautiful!

Erin: Where did you stay when you went?