Tuesday, July 21, 2009


I've finally stopped laughing long enough to attempt a post on our latest food experimntation After flipping through the weekly flyer this week, my husband points to an advertisment for Lychees. He asked me what they were and what they tasted like as he had never tried one before.

The last time I had them was around 7 years ago. In Toronto China town, these little fruits are sold on every street corner. They taste sweet and have a distinct flavor which is hard to describe. They have a very tough skin and once broken reveals a gel like fruit.

Anyways I bought a few for him and C to try. I cracked the outside shell which my husband said resembled frogs skin. Thanks honey for the wonderful description - however I would have to disagree and say it resembles more like something you would find on the back of a dinosaur.

Once I opened the lychee up, C said to me, "C don't like it. C don't like fishies. Hmm. Perhaps it does look a little bit "fishy" but the taste doesn't resemble fish in the least! I handed the piece of fruit to my husband and lets just say he wasn't impressed. He said the texture felt like a cross between raw bacon fat and flesh between his teeth. I don't understand it. They are quite tasty and very sweet. We are talking about fruit here!

Anyways, turns out I'm the only one who enjoys lychees for the time being.


Radha-Krsna devi dasi said...

Lychees are awesome.

Melissa said...

Oh my goodness, this is hilarious! C and I think alike! My first impression of the lychee was that it looks like a scallop! Your lychee picture is so much prettier than the actual lychees we purchased! (Ours were not that pretty shade of pink/red).

Anonymous said...

I've only ever had lychees with ice-cream at Chinese restaurants. They were nice. I'm not sure if I'd eat them fresh and alone. The ones in the restaurants probably come out of a can. I agree with Melissa, your photo makes the fresh ones look good. Elizabeth9 (I'm not really anonymous, I just always have trouble logging into Google/Blogger.)