Sunday, July 19, 2009


Funny how family is. We are supposed to be tight at the hip, knit together, stuck like glue, same blood coursing through our veins and yet we are nothing alike. Completely different people. Sometimes you'll get lucky and find your best friend in a brother and sister. Other times it seems as though you don't belong. Everything and everyone seems so foreign.

Another thought I've been pondering lately is why do families hurt each other more than friends? The guns and knives come out ready to jab, ready to hurl another word and for what? Satisfaction? Is there really satisfaction in hurting your flesh and blood? And yet when we walk down the street, "Hello! So nice to see you again! How are the kids, the dog, the husband, the family? Why don't you come over for dinner and we'll have a chat?"

The smiles, laughter, the happiness flooding through, all for a stranger, a friend or even a neighbor yet for some families talking or getting together is like entering a masquerade ball. Everyone with a mask and no one can or wants to see what is behind the mask. Its so very odd.

Does the cookie cutter family exist? The Huxtables, Leave it to Beaver, Little house on the prairie are they all just fragments of our imagination? Fictional characters brought to life? Do these families really exist, I wonder?


Woman in a Window said...

I've known moments of those positive archetype families. Moments. How sweet they were.

Do you think we do these things with our families because we trust that they will forgive us? Perhaps. But it doesn't always work that way, does it?

ConverseMomma said...

I adore my family, and we are the best of friends, but that does not mean that we are not totally dsyfunctional a great deal of the time.

Nadia said...

Erin: Yes those moments are so lovely.

I don't know.. In someways maybe. I think there is a lack of respect in some families, jealousy is another trait that likes to show its ugly head at times. All sorts of reasons I suppose.

Kelly: Most families have some form of dysfunction going on and in a way I think its normal. To be the best of friends with both sides of your family is a blessing indeed!