Thursday, April 9, 2009


Our house has always been full of music. Lately though, there are a couple of songs which are sure to be heard more often then others. The first one has given me a bad case of ear worms thanks to C singing it morning, noon and night. She goes through phases.
Day O was the pick for the months of January, February and the first half of March. This has been the favorite since then.

The second is one which my husband and I sing most days. C has been joining in as well. Her favorite lines are "Why oh why, oh why??" and "Dreams come true, RIGHT NOW!" Adorable? Oh yes.

Now let me just set the record straight, I am NOT by any means a good singer! I love to sing, just as long as no one is listening :). My dear husband on the other hand is a great singer. By great I mean amazing. Truly the man has a voice that can melt hearts and bring tears to your eyes.

The lyrics to this beautiful song are filled with so much hope and meaning and one of my all time favorites.

The third is one has been one of my husband's favorites for years now.

And now, for the song that pretty much sums it all up for me. Love this one.


Banteringblonde said...

We love music here too .. .that first one, I remember from our music together class and every time we sing it I can't get it out of my head. LOL

Beck said...

Hee! That's so cute. And it was lovely seeing you yesterday, too.

karenjane said...

ah music is deffinately good for us! im a mostly self taught quilter but my aunty levin (i wanna be crafty is her blog) has given me some very useful tips. in my opinion a rotary cutter, ruller and cutting board are humongous time savers and make the finished piece muck more acurate so deffinately worthwile, but i dont use any special sewing machine feet (i even have the 1/4 inch quilting foot but dont use it)good luck with having a go at quilting, im sure youll soon be hocked just as i am!! if you have any questions feel free to ask me and ill try to answer them, or better yet ask levin and say i sent you as she goes to quilting lessons

Mon said...

Oh some fun songs there. The LO really enjoyed that first one.