Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Peach pie & 'nothin else


Sometimes what matters the most is the quality time we spend with our kids. As stay at home moms we are always there for our children but how much of that time is spend giving our full attention?

Owning a business from home comes with many advantages however it also has its disadvantages at times. There is always something to do with never enough time to finish it all. Today I had dishes to wash, laundry to tend to, clothes to fold, toys to pick up, emails to write and articles to post. One thing led to another and then it was breakfast time, then lunch, then the oh so blessed nap time. As my girls are light sleepers, nothing ended up happening during their afternoon siesta.

After waking up refreshed and raring to go, we decided that we would embark on a culinary adventure and make some peach pie. We pulled out our bowls and measured the ingredients. I peeled and chopped the peaches and my three year old placed them into the jumbo measuring cup. I ended up going through more peaches then I had anticipated with the little mouths taking "test bites" along the way.

The pie making adventure lasted a total of 2 hours to prepare (a feat that usually takes me 30 minutes). Sticky, sweet peach juice ended up all over the tablecloth, chairs and clothing and slicked back the little bit of hair on my 8 month old daughter's head! But ah, what fun we had! Photos were snapped with my girls making funny faces, Queen of Hearts Tarts were made with the leftover bits of pie crust and the joy and pride on our 3 year old's face as she rolled the dough out was priceless. All in all it was a wonderful experience even though the entire adventure ended up taking a toll on my dining, living and kitchen area.

The laundry still awaits, the dishes are not finished and my list of chores is still a mile long but in my heart I feel more accomplished then if I would have completing those tasks. I had a beautiful afternoon with my daughters making peach pie and that in itself was the most rewarding task I could have ever completed.

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Woman in a Window said...

That's it! It's usually when all else falls by the wayside and the moment is enjoyed when the real grub of life takes place. Sounds like a treat, all of it.

(Those sidebar photos are wonderful!)