Thursday, October 30, 2008

Thrifty shopping

Gas is in the double digits! I can't believe it. I was out of town today doing some shopping when I saw the sign.... 99.9 *gasp*. Now if it lasts that will be a miracle in itself.

My little girl and I went to pick up some supplies today. The dollar store has to be one of the most fantastic places to shop. I left with a huge bag overflowing with goodies for $25! My daughter was thrilled as well with all the interesting items being bought for her. Safety scissors (discovered at a friend's house yesterday what a great idea), glue sticks, play dough, stickers, a Dora pencil case to which she exclaimed "Hode it, I hode it. Dora mama, Dora!", papers, colouring pencils etc, etc, etc.

She was mesmerized when we got home with all the goodies. Watching her squeeze and touch the play dough for the first time was a treat.

There is nothing like witnessing your children experience things for the first time. Their eyes wide in amazement and when they smile at you in wonder all for the simple things we take for granted like the crunch of leaves underneath our feet while going for a walk or the birds flying in the sky. Or like today the feeling of play dough being squished and poked for the first time :).
No, I don't believe there is anything better than that.


Beck said...

I LOVE the Dollar Store, although I have to pace myself and only go once a month or so, since I manage to spend WAY TOO MUCH every time I go through their doors.
Safety scissors! That's fun. And playdough! We love playdough. We have a big box of plastic rolling pins and cookie cutters! I'll dig it out the next time you guys come over.

Nadia said...

The key is not to look at how much you spent but how much you saved. It gives a better view on things lol.

Ooo sounds fun. We'll have to make a date for next week.

Dan said...

Deb's first post linky tourist here.

The real question is which variant? Dollar General, Dollar Tree, Family Dollar, ...

All of them seem to have slightly different things too.

Debbie said...

Came over from Deb's.
The dollar tree is such a great place to thrill a child! You can find wonderful treasures there.

Courtney said...

came over from Deb's as well.

and I have to agree that seeing my little man explore and find and experience new things is priceless

Deb said...

oh this is really sweet! i especially love the last paragraph. isn't it true?

mine are 15 and 12 and they still love the dollar store. something for everyone, i guess!